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There are numerous stories about the positive effects of cannabis for people with various ailments. Among our closest family and friends, we have seen that people with skin, colon or liver cancer can profit from cannabis oil. On the Internet you can also read countless experiences about the life saving effect of cannabis. It’s proven already its effectiveness with pain, seizures, Gilles de la Tourette and Parkinson. Giving people back their lives and making every day a little bit better.

Awareness for INDICA
These stories about cannabis are quite outstanding but still not known to everybody, and we want to change that. Partly through the clothing brand INDICA. The name INDICA stands for the origin of the cannabis plant. Every cannabis plant exists of the Indica or Sativa plant or a mix of both. Through the clothing brand we want to give this plant the attention it deserves. A plant that perhaps can bring a revolution in the medical world…

Things are changing
In the Netherlands we have always been liberal about cannabis, while other countries were very much against it. In the last few years we can see a significant change. In America an increasing number of states legalize cannabis for medical purposes and more research is being done by medical science.

Invest in research
Our INDICA clothing is not only trendy, casual and of high quality, but we also want to donate a part of the profits to science. We would like to invest in more research to the healing effects of cannabis. Our dream is that we can really make a change with our contribution and provide a better life for people with a disease. 

Surprisingly, at this moment there is no Dutch company or university who is actively involved with research to the medical effects of cannabis. But it’s not a question whether it does or does not happen, but when. Right now we are meeting, talking and convincing people and companies of the importance of research to medical cannabis. We do not only want to invest in research, but also want to be close to the project and remain involved.

You can help!
If you are also known with the medical benefits of the INDICA plant and really want to make this magic happen, then help us with spreading the word. Wear our INDICA brand and make the world listen. Every six months we will give you an update about realizing our dream on our website and Facebookpage.

Let there be magic.


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